December 27 ’22

The afternoon is nearly breezeless. Only with squinting, concentrated effort can we see the slightest sway of the pepper tree branches. 

From somewhere, slightly louder than the mild baseline ringing of our hearing, there is a tone — an even, unbroken whistling — like a musical, but structureless, exhalation through a single massive flue.

But where(?) with no wind anywhere. 

In this wide, halted domain, listening with a cocked hunter’s ear, without hunt or quarry, we are like a lost God.

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An online bookshop is one of the loveliest occurrences. An event quietly and mellifluously melding two ridiculously powerful technologies — being somehow fleet of foot, whilst carrying the densest of materials — and often, with total casualness.

And then there is the curated message, what is being carried; with all the right angles within right angles and just-so fonts it’s easy to miss the amazing concentrated masses of protein and reinforcement that beautiful stores like Lumpen offer. 

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Each week we consult both the Tarot and the I Ching.

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Ace of Cups
28. Preponderance of the Great
55. Abundance [Fullness]

These first few lines are the general aphoristic returns for the week. They are raw and uninterpreted; there to use how you’d like. (The specific readings follow.)

  • A fresh start is in the offing.
  • Give intuition preference over intellect. (The intuition must be mature, not impulsive.)
  • Take action and make a necessary change, or misfortune will result.
  • Take extra protective steps to ensure that no damage occurs.
  • When in the process of renewing, eschew ornate goals as to connect with baseline/core desires.
  • Be true to your primordial interests (what would your childhood self advise you to do?).
  • Clarity within, energetic movement without.


From “T.M.S.” — I am very involved with an activity that I have wanted to be a part of since I was a child, and I love it deeply, but there is a sincere possibility of getting injured. The enterprise is rich and complex enough that I could move more to the sidelines, pursuing a caretaker type role, which I do already, and very much enjoy. Ultimately I am caught between feeling that this more removed capacity only, would not be fully satisfying to me, and not trusting that I possess the physical capabilities. I don’t like this middle place. I would appreciate any thoughts here. Thanks!

Well the oracle is definitely intimating that a change, like a rebirth, is underway. There is clear caution that the reason for the change is impending danger — so action is necessary. There is an advisement that, before you decide what to do, you get back to basics. That is, consult your former self, the child that made you — do not be distracted by latter ornaments (new associates or conditions). Your scenario is one that involves the core of what you are and what you want to be. Your decision may need you to take on a more disciplined lifestyle. Great things are only achieved by an inward, highly personal, clarity of purpose — followed by confident, committed and energetic action.

Complete Reading

This week we pulled the Ace of Cups. Ace cards intimate a rebirth or a fresh start. The suit of cups pertains to the emotions. So in combination we have something like an emotional new beginning. When it comes to emotions, intuition is the main thing — so, if wondering what to do during this time of possible newness, first let all available factors and details wash over you — then let your intuition (not intellect) be your guide.

Our first hexagram this week is #28, Preponderance of the Great. Here there is a warning: something is too heavy for that which supports it. A change is necessary. It is advised that the transition happen swiftly — like, no time to deliberate. There were three changes this week of which the specific notes are: take extra protective steps to ensure that no damage occurs, when in the process of renewing eschew ornate goals as to connect with baseline/core desires, and be true to your primordial interests. 

Our second hexagram, the one that suggests how best to meet the challenges (or the changes) is #55, Abundance (Fullness). It is only through internal clarity, coupled with subsequent action, that abundance and greatness can be achieved. Clarity within, energetic movement without. Clarity within, energetic movement without. Clarity within, energetic movement without. Clarity within, energetic movement without…