December 20 ’22

On a late morning, quite a few summers ago, we were tending to some direly neglected plants at the top of our stairs — guiltily overwatering them. Our heat haze was interrupted, hearing the familiar creak and slam of our neighbor’s screen door. Absolute familiarity perceived a subtle increase in violence. We peeked over the wall. A man was earnestly walking down the steps, our neighbor’s boyfriend. A yelling voice issued from an upper window: “Oh, so what?! Now you’re addicted to meetings?!!” Then a low, resigned reply: “Well yeah, maybe I am.”

Years later, we now think a better response would have been: “Well yeah, look around, nothing happens in a vacuum.”

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Betuel Benitez

Poetic/deep furniture design is a tough road to travel these days — as it seems that if something doesn’t have a processed corporate-monoculture-level of definition, as regards a cultural handle or obvious cultural incendiary-ness, you might well be invisible. Poetic furniture design is a slow-burn, long term, Trojan horse art.

Knowing the above, we’re quite moved by the positivity we feel radiating off of designer Betuel Benitez’s output. The buoyancy required to design and render, to such a degree, a project like his inflatables, is quite something. To us these idiosyncratic forms with Wong Kar-wai-level color saturation are some of the best furniture we’ve seen in a long while.

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Each week we consult both the Tarot and the I Ching.

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Two of Swords (reversed)
62. Preponderance of the Small
15. Modesty

These first few lines are the general aphoristic returns for the week. They are raw and uninterpreted; there to use how you’d like. (The specific readings follow.)

  • There is a stalemate.
  • A choice needs to be made between two outcomes — but neither are good. (But a choice must be arrived at.)
  • Forcing an outcome will lead to disaster; persevere inwardly.
  • Discourage complaining and bragging; both are severely corrosive — not at all generative. An essential equilibrium is in high tension.


“T.S.” asks — A question regarding my sister. What is some advice to keep a long term relationship fresh and fun? I genuinely love my sister (we are best friends) but sometimes it feels like we only see each other’s annoying qualities. Often it feels like we actually shape the other’s annoying behavior by expecting it. Thoughts? Is it more time apart? Simply not focusing on these unwanted characteristics? Special projects? Please help.

“T.S.” in the light of holiday season this is quite a germane question. 

Everything here seems to be leading towards a lowering of expectation. This should not be thought of as a lowering of one’s inner light or a reorientation of ultimate personal goals. When you are not dealing with yourself only; that is, when an activity involves another or others, there must be a lessening of personal expectation, as the situation intrinsically involves more goals than your own. It seems the only way to perform this lowering of expectation (with dignity) is by being modest and conscientious about it. You cannot be lazy in your treatment of those that share an activity. If you can’t be modest, strife will be present. This obviously goes for the other as well, your sister; she must also humble herself to suit a more common goal. Of course this won’t always work; if a situation with your sister isn’t going well remove yourself kindly and take some time off. However, under no circumstance should you complain to them, try to look better than them or force your expectations on them.

As well, to all those seeing family and/or friends this holiday season, consider a modest lowering of expectation — in a positive spirit — it might preserve some personal dignity in difficult, or even impossible, situations. 

Complete Reading

This week we pulled the two of Swords (reversed). Here we have a card similar to the Justice card — but severe. The indication here, especially since the card is inverted, is that a stalemate is occurring, of which the only way out is by choosing between two poor outcomes. But a choice needs to be made. 

Our first hexagram this week is #62, Preponderance of the Small. We are not powerful and indefatigable at all times; sometimes our energies are at a low ebb. In weak situations such as this, the chief concern should be thrift — in all endeavors, maintain “exceptional modesty and conscientiousness.” There was one change this week of which the specific note is: forcing an outcome leads to disaster, persevere inwardly.

Our second hexagram, the one that suggests how best to meet the challenges (or the changes) is #15, Modesty. Boasting and complaining are two sides of the same coin. Though there is always much to gripe about, and sometimes successes to brag about, these qualities are ruinous to any project. “…when establishing order in the world… the superior person equalizes the extremes that are the source of social discontent and thereby creates just and equable conditions.”