December 06 ’22

A fuzzy fragment of a pure white cloud peaks above the dismal roofline of a new residential complex. I see you… Don’t look so glum chum…

To the distant right, are whole clouds of the same pure white but with fibrous patches of soft grays. These clouds hang like fat fish idling; below them, beige, middling-height mountains — onto which the clouds are casting rich, milky purple blotches. The upper all else — a perplexing but slightly corny azure; like an outworn element of science fiction.

The specifically gathered, floating, but ultimately unthreatening water droplets against the self sufficient rocks promotes an air of indeterminacy, a kind of thematic cancelation.

We’ve been deliberating whether to mention the expansive high tension wires that zag across the view. The potential suppression is likely because the lines complicate a particular picturesque impulse. But of course there’s a lot more we’re leaving out — infinite things  — but these omissions are not for infinite reasons.

* * *

We are inclined to say, because of current/pointed personal strife and the general current/pointed societal strife, that there are two main types of people — those that believe their thoughts and those that know human thought to be very limited, and therefore have more of a relationship with their thoughts.

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Looking at the work of OGV Design Studio it is clear that graphic design involves a lot of what might be called grammatical abstraction. It is perhaps this play with meaning and un-meaning that to us makes the act (and result) so compelling — like awe of the ambiguity of a clarification.

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Knight of Cups (reversed)
47. Oppression (Exhaustion)
46. Pushing Upward

These first few lines are the general aphoristic returns for the week. They are raw and uninterpreted; there to use how you’d like. (The specific readings follow.)

  • Be constantly on guard against the seduction of illusions or fantasies.
  • In times of adversity remain cheerful and sparing of words.
  • In times of adversity do not rest on easy/weak fixes.
  • In times of adversity the maintenance of “inner composure” is paramount.
  • Acquiesce (do not fight) larger, unavoidable, violent rhythms (it is deeply foolish to think that one could stop them). But as you are tossed about, remain true to yourself internally; you will be readied for the eventual, less tumultuous times.
  • Expect confusion, prepare/act accordingly.
  • You will have to look to larger, perhaps metaphysical, things for well being.
  • One’s chief understanding in life should be to grow without haste and without rest!


A.Z. asks: If one has a grand idea, but can’t do anything about it because of lack of resources, what if the idea goes to a new consciousness, if it’s been sat on too long?

You are lucky A.Z. your question has elicited perhaps the deepest and wisest sentiment of the I Ching: the best way to meet any challenge is without haste and without rest. 

We would couple this with a kind of admonishment: generosity is likely the most sophisticated way of interacting with the world.

So as for “worrying” about “your” idea, be generous to yourself and others without haste and without rest.

Complete Reading

This week we pulled the Knight of Cups, reversed. When upright, the intimation is of a dreamer of strength, that is, one who dreams but delivers on or messengers dreams (not a person simply with their head in the clouds). When reversed as it is here, there is a nudge to think about a kind being dominated by illusion, even trickery. 

Our first hexagram this week is #47, Oppression (Exhaustion). Sometimes we are out of phase with what is happening, and no matter what we try, we meet no success. It is recommended here that at such times it is important to remain cheerful and sparing of words. “In such times there is nothing a person can do but acquiesce in their fate and remain true to themself.  This concerns the deepest stratum of being, for this alone is superior to all external fate.” (That last bit is worth contemplating.) There were three changes this week, of which the specific notes are: In times of trouble, do not rest on easy/weak fixes, expect confusion, in times of unmitigated misfortune retain an “inner composure” and look to larger perhaps metaphysical things. 

Our second hexagram, the one that suggests how best to meet the challenges (or the changes) is #46, Pushing Upward. For us, with the content of the very first hexagram, this is the best lesson in the entirety of the I Ching. “Adapting itself to obstacles and bending around them, wood in the earth grows upward without haste and without rest. Thus too the superior person is devoted in character and never pauses in their progress.” …without haste and without rest…without haste and without rest…without haste and without rest…without haste and without rest…without haste and without rest…without haste and without rest…